Why Are Jordan Shoe Clocks Popular?

by Fredrica

Jordan shoe clock is an innovative invention in the clock market. These clocks are entirely different in style, aesthetics, and looks from other ordinary wall clocks. As the name indicates, Jordan shoe clocks usually come up with Jordan-designed shoe models to decorate the wall.

Every clock contains different Jordan shoe model collections that increase their beauty. Jordan is a famous footwear brand known for its sports footwear collection. So, people who love watching sports and their favorite players took a lot of interest in the Jordan shoe collection. That is why Jordan shoe clocks are also gaining popularity with every passing day.

However, you might wonder why you need these clocks on your house wall if you are not a sports person. So, here are some other reasons why the jordan shoe clock can be the ideal piece for your home!

· Price With Style

When it comes to buying a wall clock, the options are unlimited, from cheap to expensive. However, spending too much just on a clock doesn’t seem wise.

Unlike many other fancy clocks, Jordan shoe clocks come at a very reasonable price. And the price becomes more justiciable because these are not just simple clocks.

A single Jordan shoe clock is enough to elevate or change your room/home interior entirely. These clocks are not unique but also elegant and worth buying.

· No Large Space Requirements

Jordan shoe clocks are small enough to sit on a wall or hang from the ceiling, even the super oversized ones. The super oversized models are not so much of a space hog as they are just big enough to fit in your closet.

They can also be placed anywhere else you need without taking up too much room, like behind your door or under an armoire. They never take up enormous space in your home, which is pretty different from other luxurious clocks.

· DIY Installation Project

Most people think installing Jordan shoe clocks is pretty tricky because they usually come up in many pieces (shoe, clock plate). However, it’s not the case. Jordan shoe clocks can be a fun DIY project with your family and kids.

The clock’s body is made of plastic or metal that you can paint yourself if you want to make them different (or just choose another color). For installation, you just make the drilling at the right points and place all the pieces together on the wall. The installation guide is always available with the product.

You can also use them on a shelf or table rather than hanging them on a wall. They are great conversation starters and will add to your decorating scheme by providing an attractive focal point in any room of your home.

· Available in Countless Options

It’s important to note that there are many different types and designs to choose from, especially from the stores like Alibaba. They can be used on a shelf or table and a wall. You’ll find many people prefer to have their clocks displayed in this way because it allows them more flexibility when choosing which one they want to display.


Jordan shoe clocks can become your best decision ever as these clocks not only fill the wall but also make them live with their amazing colors. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand why these clocks are now everywhere.

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