Top Semi frameless shower designs you should totally try

by Fredrica

Semi frameless shower instalments, the new trends in shower design and general bathroom appearance. All the shine and neatness of the bathroom with a whole lot of reflection and a lot less metal. There is something just beautiful about a bathroom with lots of “reflective” capabilities.

I mean, how many can look themselves in a mirror immediately after a bath and not smile? The semi frameless shower designs are quite simple. Majorly tempered glass coupled together with some aluminium parts and basic accessories made up of all sort of materials. The semi frameless shower designs are simple but elegant.

A typical Semi Frameless Shower

A typical semi frameless shower would mostly have side made of tempered glass. The glass has varying degrees of transparency based on your preferences. Then we have the aluminium frame supports. The aluminium frames serve as sources of support to the tempered glass. So it could be compared to the body in a way.

The aluminium supports are the skeletal system holding the rest of the “body” together. This peculiar arrangement gives the semi frameless shower designs some sort of “rugged or firm but still extremely pleasing to the eye” look. Oh and for those who are not aware, the semi frameless shower is different from the framed shower design. It is referred to as semi-frameless because it has metal (aluminium) around the entire structure, not around the doors.

Varying Designs for the Semi Frameless Shower

The semi frameless shower door just treads that fine line between the framed shower and the frameless shower designs. It is more advanced than the framed shower design. In the same vein, it is substantially cheaper than the frameless designs.

Various parameters add up to make each design unique in its way. But there are two major differentiating factors for the semi frameless designs.

1. The Doors: there are various door patterns. The doors could be made to slide, hence the sliding doors. These are somewhat sleeker and occupy less space than other door patterns. We also have pivotal doors. These open “in and out”. The pivotal doors are just as durable as the sliding doors with no major advantage or disadvantage between them. it all boils down to personal preference. There could be double sliding doors or double pivotal doors.

2. The Thickness and Colour of the Glass: The thickness of the glass could also vary. The more popular ones are the 3/8 inch and the ½ inch glasses. The glasses could also come in quite many mesmerising colours. At the same time, they could also be customised to have varying designs. Sea waves or raindrops are some of the more elegant and common designs.


If you decide to go for the semi frameless shower, you can rest easy knowing that you can almost never go wrong. With the right supplier and the perfect design, you can transform your bathroom into a space where you feel calm stepping into at any time.

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