Shower Or Bath: What’s Best For You?

by Fredrica
Bathtub with water

Are you confused about what to choose for your home between a shower and a bathtub? We understand why you are in a dilemma – both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. A person’s choice is usually influenced by two major issues: family status and the stage in life. The family status determines how much money they’re willing to spend. The cost will depend on the type of fixture that’s selected.

Shower and Bathtub Options

Shower options

The elderly people who have limited mobility prefer showers since they do not have to climb over anything unlike the case for tubs.

Again, it’s easy to access a shower when you’re using a wheelchair or a walker.

There’s minimal risk of slipping especially with anti-slip tiles. These are available in a wide range of gorgeous designs, colors, and textures.  

Bathtub options

If you enjoy having a long, relaxing, and meditative soak then bathtubs are for you. Tubs are also great for bathing pets and children.

Built-in bathtubs are popular for their space-saving properties and are also easy to combine with wall-mounted showerheads.


Water Usage

Most standard tubs have a capacity of about 42 gallons but when you factor in the water it can fit with a person inside, you’ll get about 30 gallons. On the shower that lasts about 10 minutes, it uses about 20 gallons of water. This means that showers are much more efficient in terms of water usage.

However, modern showers feature adjustable towers which cause increased water consumption.

Home Value

Today, most homeowners are looking for comfort and luxury so they’re very keen about the shower/tub installations. A house that has a bathtub appeals to more people especially those with families and, therefore, stays on the market for a shorter time.

It’s best if you ensure that the house has at least one bedroom with a shower – usually, one that’s universally accessible-  and another one – usually the master- with a bathtub.


Which is better: shower or bath?

To be honest, the debate about which is better between a shower and a bath will never end. There are so many factors that influence personal decisions. We’ll give you some pointers to help you justify which is better between these two options.

Unless you’re taking showers that last 20 minutes or more, you can really compare the two in terms of water usage. While baths require about 30 gallons of water, showers use up about 15 gallons depending on the length of the shower. Showers save water


Whether you decide to get a shower fixture or a bathtub installed, that is wholly up to you. Make all the necessary considerations and check which one of the two options satisfies your needs. Besides cost, other things that you need to put into consideration are comfort, lifestyle, space available, and style.

All the best shopping and we hope that you’re able to make the right choice depending on your needs.

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