A Guide For Setting Up A Garden Hose Reel

by Fredrica

GirrafeTools.com is currently offering fantastic prices on retractable garden hose reels. The brand is running promotions through which you can save up to 20 dollars on some of the best and highest quality retractable garden hose reels on the market. Go URL to check out these offers. Naturally, after purchasing a hose reel, you have to set it up. For this reason, in this post, we discuss setting up a garden hose reel.

How to set up a garden hose reel

There are various models and types of retractable garden hose reels in the market. Regardless of the model and type, setting up a retractable garden hose reel is quite simple. Below is a simple guide on how to set up a retractable garden hose reel;

Step 1: Assemble the product

The first step of the process is assembling the product. Note that you do not have to worry about this step if you are working with specific brands. This is because their products come fully assembled. However, if your product is not assembled, you will have to use an instruction manual for the task. The manufacturer usually provides the manual. This process is relatively easy if you have the instructions for assistance.

Step 2: Mount the product

The next step after assembly is mounting the retractable garden hose reel. The method of mounting usually depends on the type of retractable garden hose reel you are working with. The process will determine where and how you mount the product. If you are working with a wall-mounted garden hose reel, you must first select the best position to mount the product. In this case, the wall should be strong enough to hold the heavyweight of the hose and the reel. After selecting the mounting position, the next step is to mount the product.

Note, the process of mounting usually involved the use of mounting brackets. Most brands offer these tools. However, in a few cases, you have to purchase the mounting products. You will need screws to fasten the reel to the wall and keep it in place. The process is quite simple that you can do it without professional assistance. However, if you wish to hasten it and make it more effortless, you can get professionals to handle the mounting process.

Step 3: Connecting the hose to the reel

This is the most straightforward step of the setting up process. Here, all you have to do is place your hose on the reel. You have to rotate it clockwise. Make sure to hold on to the hose to ensure that it is neatly positioned on the wheel. Note that the type and size of the retractable garden hose reel will determine how much hose you can connect to the reel.

Step 4: Connecting the reel to the faucet or water source

The final step is to connect the garden hose reel to the water supply source. The product should come with a manual providing guidance on how to do this.


Once you have set up your retractable garden hose reel, you can start using it immediately. Note that after placing your hose on the reel, you have to lock it in using the retractable lock. This element makes retractable hose reels more beneficial than their counterparts.

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