The Most Efficient Knife Set In The Market

by Fredrica

How do you prefer to buy your knives? Knives are available in very many sets. You can either buy one single knife, or multiple of them in a knife block set. You will make choices according to your needs or May be purpose or for an event.

The intention of this article is to run you through the different sets of knives offered by imarku. You will be able to understand what you need according to your needs when we go through them. Follow closely so that you will be able to make an informed choice.

16 Pieces knives sets

This is a great set of knives. Let looks at some of these features that makes this set attractive and most efficient in the market today.

This knife set is a Japanese kitchen knife set and has a removable block. This knives set has a stainless steel blade and a high carbon stainless steel 3CRI3 MOV. These are some of the features that will ensure that you are not in and out of the market for replacement. Moreover, this set has a Rockwell hardness of a scale 57_+ 2. The handle is made of pakkawood which is solid and stardy.

What does the set include?

It has a 8” chef knife, 10” bread knife, 7” sontoku knife, 6” chef knife, a 5.5” scissors, 3.2 paring knife? 4.7 utility knife, 6 pcs of 4.7 steak knife and a sharpen steel.

15 pieces knives set

This is another set of knives that gives the best cutting, choping and all other kitchen activities in the current century. If you are in a position to acquire the 15 piece knives set you will have a great kitchen experience in the same set.

This is what the 15 pieces knives set contains.

1boning knife, 1 knife block , 1 steak knife, 1 sontoku knife, 1 bread knife, 1 paring knife.1 utility knife, 1 slicing knife, 1 chef knife.

If this fits your needs you can contact imarku knives for the delivery of your knives set.

12 pieces knives set

This is another batch of kitchen knives available in the market. The Knives set is composed of the following types of knives.

The set has a 7” sontoku knife , 8 “ chef knife , 8 inch bread knife, 7” cleaver knife, 4 pcs of 4.5 steak knife, 5.5 “ kitchen shear. In addition to this there is a cutting board , , a knife block and a 8” knife sharpener.

6 piece starter kitchen knives

Are you a starter in the kitchen activities like Use of different type of knives? You need to start here. This is a set of knives which will help you multi task some knives. You will keep upgrading by knowing the different types of knives function available.

This is the composition of the 6 pieces stater knives set.

3.5 inch paring knife , 8” chef knife , 10 inch bread knife, 6 inch boning knives. 2 sided wooden cutting board and 1sharpener.

These are just a few sets there are the 11, 12, 4, 3 and 2 pieces of kitchen knife sets. Chooce according to your needs.

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