Tricks and Tips to Cool Your Dog this Summer

by Fredrica

Summer is here and you know what to expect – long, hot, and lazy summer days with lots of iced drinks and air conditioning. If it’s too hot for you, it will be too hot for your dog too! You should look for ways to cool your dog¬†during the summer and protect them from heatstroke!

Tips to cool your dog

Go for a dip

This may seem to be the most obvious trick but you have to be cautious about it. If your dog is really feeling hot, a dip in the pool or lake can make things worse for them. An abrupt decrease in temperature can heat up their internal organs. Instead of letting them go for a dip right away, cool down their feet for a while. Cooling the footpad of your dog is the best way to minimize heat in their body. A small pool for them to just wade in instead of getting totally wet may be best for hot summer days.

Create shade

If your lawn, garden, or patio has no shade at all, you should create one for summer! You can easily have a temporary shade setup that your dog and everyone in the family can enjoy such as a shade cloth, patio umbrellas, or a pop-up canopy. You may even consider setting up permanent roofing if you and the family enjoyed the shade a lot.

Mist your dog with a hose

Get a mist-creating attachment for your durable garden hose. This will allow you to spray light and fine mist of water that your dogs can enjoy. The pressure will be very gentle and it will lessen the amount of water you use. You can even use the mist attachment to cool down your kids!

Let them have a wet towel

Place some ice in it and lay a towel on top of it. This will dampen the towel and make it cool. Use the towel to cover your dog or let your dog lay down on it.

Bring out the fan

The absence of a breeze can make the heat worst. You can bring out the fan to create a breeze that you and your dog can enjoy. This will prevent your dog from perspiring so much.

Replenish drinking bowls often with cold water

If cold drinks help us feel refreshed during hot summer days, it is an effective treatment for your dogs too! Make sure to give them cold water and replenish their drinking bowls often.

Always have water available

If you are taking your dog for a walk or along on a trip, make sure that you always have water available for them. Freeze a water bottle and keep them cool by keeping them in an insulated container or bag. This will ensure that your dog will stay refreshed no matter where you are.

Remember, summer days can be cruel for your dogs too! Make sure that you find ways to cool your dog throughout the day! With these tips in mind, your dog will be riding out the summer heatwave with no problem at all!

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